About the Collection



"I gravitate towards and am most inspired by the integrity and unpretentious style of patterns and designs that are centuries old".

Nearly 30 years ago in Montreal, Alexandra Champalimaud founded the firm which would later become Champalimaud and quickly developed a strong following among tastemakers. As the company expanded, Alexandra relocated to New York City in 1994 to serve a thriving international client base specializing in bespoke, high-end hospitality and residential design.

Born and raised in Portugal, Alexandra received her early education in Switzerland and England, and later completed her design training at the Espirito Santo Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal - one of the worlds’ last remaining colleges teaching the tradition of European arts, crafts and techniques of historic preservation and restoration.

Alexandra brings a dynamic intellectual curiosity and an absence of pretense to her work. Drawing upon a wealth of personal experiences and professional commissions throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, her work is known for subtle references unique to her multi-faceted vantage point. With a talent for the application of colour, pattern, texture and a seasoned understanding of the foundations and principals of classic design, Alexandra remains an uncompromising aesthetic. She is respectful of the needs of her clients and the time, place and cultural context of each project.